Genshin Impact Begins Offering Themed 2022 Calendar


Genshin Impact: Taking advantage of the approaching New Year, miHoYo will offer one more item for Genshin Impact fans to collect. In fact, there will be twelve more items: the calendar pages for the year 2022, each starring a different character from the game.

The January page has already been released, as shown in the tweet above. It’s just a picture marking the days of the year, with its holidays and Genshin Impact characters’ birthdays highlighted as well. Thoma, one of the January birthdays – and also one of the most recent arrivals to the game – is stamped on the front page of the miHoYo calendar.

It is to be expected, then, that each month will be stamped by one of your birthdays. Therefore, for the month of February the options are between Beidou, Kokomi or Bennett. The developer will likely pick characters that it wants to promote, either because of a recent arrival like Thoma or because of its popularity.

So far only Genshin Impact’s Japanese Twitter account has spoken of the calendar pages and has started distribution. We don’t know yet if these images will have a western version, so it’s worth following the account in Japanese if you plan to collect these pages. Even without understanding the language, it is evident when we have a new image posted.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s been confirmed that the game will eventually win a Nintendo Switch version, and Xbox isn’t talked about yet.