Genshin Impact Banners And Character Replays Are Expected


This article tracks which 5-star Genshin Impact characters are likely to get a replay in the near future, so scroll down and see which Genshin Impact banners you should save your Primogems for.

Please note that character replays can be expected approximately every year (the limit is 400 days so far), but with an increase in the list of characters, this may not be reliable. This only serves to track who is most likely to get a replay. Version 3.0 debuted with a new banner schedule in which four five-star characters have their banners in the same patch, and this could become the norm for the course in the near future.

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Without further ado, here are five characters who are likely to get a repeat banner over the next few months. It can also be expected that each character’s 5-star weapon, if applicable, will work alongside the character.

Upcoming banners re-showing Genshin Impact

Yae Miko – 266 days

Yae Miko became available for the game in version 2.5, which happened earlier this March. She hasn’t had a repeat since. Of course, she hasn’t waited that long, but she’s on the list, with other Inazuman characters Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi following in her footsteps.

Yae Miko is a 5-star Electrocatalyst who can be both an off-field DPS and an Electroapplicator thanks to her Elementary skill. She can also be the main DPS, as her Elemental Burst recharges all three totems from her Elemental Skill, which allows you to smoothly change skills.

Fortunately for those who want Yae Miko, it is rumored that she will participate in the event in Genshin Impact Version 3.2, so by then we can expect her banner.

Shenhe — 308 days

Shenhe hasn’t had a repeat since she was introduced in January this year. It was version 2.4, and although it wasn’t that long ago, the gaps between the banners of some characters were shorter than Shenhe expected. For example, the character released before her, Arataka Itto, had a rerun only less than 7 months later.

Shenhe primarily supports cryo characters, providing huge damage buffs from her elemental skill. Not only that, but she also reduces the Cryo and Physical RES of enemies with her Elemental Burst. If your team revolves around Cryo DMG, then you will definitely appreciate Shenhe as a member of your team.

Hu Tao – 372 days

Hu Tao is also likely to receive the Genshin Impact banner in the near future. It was last available in the second half of version 2.2 in November 2021. This was her first (and only) repeat since her release in the third phase of version 1.3. The gap between her release and her rerun was 8 months, which leads many to believe that it’s time for another banner for the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Home.

Hu Tao is an arsonist fighter whose gameplay is known to revolve around how low her HP is. Her style of play is infamous for rewarding the cancellation of combos, be it jumps or jerks. It is best used in Vaporize compositions (for example, with Xingqiu) or Melt. If you decide that Hu Tao is a character that your group lacks, then look forward to her re—banner.

Hu Tao will reach the 400-day limit in version 3.2. Because of this, her re-banner will soon become the subject of speculation.

Childe / Tartaglia — 392 days

Our resident Fatui Harbinger Childe, or Tartaglia, has not seen a repeat banner since the first phase of version 2.2 in October 2021. He was also the third new character introduced in the game. He debuted in version 1.1 on November 11, 2020 and has since been awarded a 5-star character three times (including his release banner). As a side note: this was the longest period when Childe remained without advertising — the gaps between his banners never amounted to more than four spots.

The Hydro Bow user performs the role of a DPS in your team, but it may take some time to get used to it. Don’t let Luke fool you, as his elemental skill allows him to change racks and use paired knives instead. That being said, if you need a permanent Hydro damage dealer on your team, Childe may be your best choice.

Childe will also reach the 400-day limit in version 3.2, so we can expect his banner to be shown again soon.

Eula – 350 days

The Spindrift Knight itself, Eula, had the latest banner in version 2.3 along with Albedo. However, unlike the Alchemist, Eula had to wait only about six months from the moment of her release in version 1.5 to get a replay. It doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t seen the Physical Damage Queen for a long time. Both times, Eula’s banner was tied to in-game events. So, the next time we see her, it might be because of her participation in the event.

Bundle is one of, if not the best, source of physical damage in the game. Her style of play usually revolves around her Elemental Burst, which can do insane damage when used correctly. The fact that she uses a claymore also means that she can break shields like a hot knife through butter. If you like big numbers or you want to have the best physical damage dealer in the game, waiting for the next Eula banner ad should be your next step.

Raiden Shogun – 246 days

Electro-Archon Raiden Shogun has been waiting for quite a long time since his last banner. She last appeared in version 2.5, simultaneously with Kokomi’s Sangonomy and one phase after the release of Yae Miko. There is also a pattern that Archons appear on the latest banners, apparently to give new players a chance to add each of them to their group. It started with Zhongli at the beginning of 3.0, followed by Venti in 3.1. Nahida, Dendro Archon, is scheduled to release version 3.2, so judging by the template, Raiden Shogun should be shown on one of the Genshin Impact banners by version 3.3.

Raiden, like the rest of the Archons, plays a supporting role in C0. Her elemental skill gives the whole group, including other players in the cooperative, the use of Electro in any damage. The simple premise of “just doing damage” makes Raiden Shogun a very simple character when he plays as a support. By getting a DEF cloke from her C2, she gets the potential to become an effective DPS character. Electro is a reaction—oriented element, and Raiden Shogun provides a variety of applications that will satisfy all your needs in Supercharged or Energized.

Kamisato Ayato — 224 days

Kamisato Ayato has not had a repeat show since its release in version 2.6, which took place in March of this year. He was awarded 5 stars in front of the expanded Ayaka banner, which lasted twice as long as expected. The expanded banner of his sister increased the waiting time for the Ayato by several weeks, but fortunately for those who missed it for the first time, version 3.3 assumes a re-display of the banner for the Ayato.

Ayato, the character of Hydro Sword, should be the main DPS in the group. His Elemental Skill allows him to consistently apply Hydro, and the attack speed buff plus his own Hydro application make him a reliable unit in Freeze compositions. Now that the Dendro has appeared in the picture, it can also be used at Hyperbloom parties. Off the field, his Elemental Burst becomes more useful by applying Hydro and increasing the character’s attack speed on the field, and he combines well with Ayaka in the team, which does not surprise anyone.

It is assumed that Ayato will have a rerun in version 3.3, mainly due to the leaked Spiral Abyss buffs. Another reason for the assumption was that the free weapon of the event in this version was a sword that did not serve any of the above characters.


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