Genshin Impact: Ascension by the Edge and materials for Talents


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Players who plan to play for Gania in Genshin Impact should prepare materials for her ascension in advance. This way, once they get their Ganyu, the Qilin can be pumped immediately, allowing people to use it as soon as she returns home. Fortunately, since she’s an old character released in Genshin Impact 1.2, Ganyu’s ascension materials are considered light.

Besides the ascension materials, players would also like to prepare enough resources to maximize Ganyu’s talents. To see a summary of all the necessary things, players can refer to this article and with this information they will soon be able to take advantage of the potential of this Cryo user.

Leveling materials

Ganyu is one of the best core DPS in Genshin Impact. Therefore, it would be wise to maximize its level. This will require a decent amount of resources listed in the table below:

EXP level 1-20 120 175 24,200 20-40 578,325 115 800 40-50 579 100 116 000 50-60 854,125 171 000 60-70 1,195 925 239 200 70-80 1,611,875 322,400 80-90 ( maximum

Gems: Where to Find Shivada Jade

Shivada Jade is a stone necessary for the ascension of cryo-characters. Currently , this item can be obtained from the following world bosses:

Bathysmic herds of vishaps Cryohypostasis Cryo Regisvine Maguu Kenki Eternal Mechanical Array Primo Geovishap

Of course, the stone can also be obtained from weekly bosses. However, since these Genshin Impact bosses are only available once a week, farming Shivada Jade from them is not as effective.

Azhdaha Child Signora Lupus Borei

Enemy Drop: Where to find hamburger nectar

Whopperflower is a regular Genshin Impact mob that can be found all over Teiwat. They usually “disguise” themselves as a typical flora, jumping on players when they are trying to collect a plant. Their drops are as follows:

Any Level: Whopperflower Nectar Level 40 and above: Shimmering Nectar Level 60 and above: Energy Nectar

Boss Drop: How to get the Frost Core

The Frost Core is an exclusive item dropped from Cryo Regisvine. This boss is located in Mondstadt, south of the Temple of a Thousand Winds.

Local Feature: Where to find Qingxin

Like Violetgrass, Qingxin is also troublesome to farm. This Genshin Impact flower can only be found on a hilltop in Liyue. Famous places where it thrives include Jueyun Karst and the mountain between Qingce Village and Wuwang Hill. It can also be grown in a Serenitea pot or bought from Babak or Herbalist Gui.

Materials for improving the level of Ganyu talents in Genshin Impact

It is extremely important for Ganyu to raise her normal attack level to level 10. At the same time, her skill and explosion can be left at a lower level.


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