Genshin Impact Announces New Lost Riches Event


Each new Genshin Impact update brings a ton of new content, such as new game characters, weapons, and events. Updates usually last about six weeks, but the HoYoverse developer has already confirmed that the first three Sumeru updates, including the current version 3.0, will be one week shorter.

This adjustment was made in order to return the game to its normal update schedule after a three-week delay that occurred during Genshin Impact 2.6. Despite the fact that the updates are much shorter, they should contain the usual number of events.

The official account of Genshin Impact on Twitter confirmed a new event that will happen in the coming days. The event is called the “Lost Riches Event: Exchanging Treasures for Mini-Visible”, and it will allow players to partner with the Specious and search for treasures that can be exchanged in the event store for memorable gadgets, such as five different specious ones. These mysterious creatures can be found all over Teiwat, and they usually have their own statue of the Seelie. Following them to the corresponding statue usually rewards players with different types of chests.

The event will give additional rewards such as precious primroses, talent enhancement materials, weapon materials, hero wit, mystical upgrade ores and Pestilence. The HoYoverse developer has held similar events many times in the past. Players will have to check the treasure map in Ullman’s treasure book. Following the map will allow players to get to the treasure, and every day the map will show a different place.

After digging up the treasure, players will receive Ancient iron coins that can be used in the store of the upcoming event. After the end of the event, players will have the opportunity to choose and save one of five different Seelies that can accompany them on their journey through the world of Teivat. Several responses in the comments section ask HoYoverse to make some adjustments to the Seelie mechanics to make it more interactive.

The event will start on September 2 and last 17 days, and will end on September 19. Numerous responses in the comments section seem to be satisfied with HoYoverse’s decision to re-host the event of the Good Ones, and they hope that the treasures are found. in the new region of Sumeru, which has become a fan favorite. Most of the community said that the developer of HoYoverse exceeded their expectations, as a new large region brought the research experience to a new level.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, and a version for Nintendo Switch is in development.


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