Genshin Impact announced the release date on phones


The title of miHoYo will also arrive on PlayStation 4 in the fall; coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Open the pre-registrations in the rest.

The Chinese developer miHoYo has confirmed that Genshin Impact will arrive in its final version on September 28 for PC and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. The video game, an ambitious third-person action RPG, will arrive this fall on PS4, as we saw in the recent State of Play; There will also be a version for Nintendo Switch soon.

The information has arrived accompanied by the pre-registrations of the title in the App Store, Google Play and the official website (completely translated into Spanish); a kind of reserve that will give access to the following rewards, all depending on the number of pre-registrations there are from today until the game’s release date:

  • If 600,000 records are reached: fisherman’s toast × 5 Blackberry × 10,000
  • With 1,000,000 records: Seasonal Stew × 5 Fine Refinement Ore × 10
  • With 1,500,000 entries: Mondstadt Potato Omelette × 5 Adventurer XP × 10
  • With 2,000,000 records: Encounter of Destiny × 2
  • With 3,000,000 records: Encounter of Destiny × 4

Additionally, if you reach 150,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, users who apply the Genshin Impact pre-registration will get another two Destination Encounter; if there are 100,000 likes on Facebook, another two Destination Encounter.

At the time of pre-registration, they are asked for the desired gaming platform, an email and the verification code that we will obtain below. In this way, we will be notified of the possible news that will be announced in the coming weeks.

In MeriStation we have already been able to play Genshin Impact, as we collect in this preview. “The sensations that what is seen in this beta leaves is that the game promises a lot in terms of content for a player with enough elements to maintain interest in the game, both in the development of the adventure, as in exploration possibilities, variety of characters and various challenges to meet ”.

PC, iOS and Android gamers will only have to wait until September 28 to find out.


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