Genshin Impact and Pizza Hut Release Official frame-by-Frame Animation


Gaming collaboration continues to attract new views on various games such as Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone, and now Genshin Impact has its own interesting collaboration. Like EverQuest before, Genshin Impact is teaming up with Pizza Hut and has released an official frame-by-frame animation in honor of both brands.

Popular games have been featured in many major fast food chains over the years, from the promotion of Super Mario Bros. 3 at McDonald’s in the 1980s before the exclusive Pokemon cards that were recently offered at the same fast food chain. The latest food-related collaboration brings Genshin Impact to certain Pizza Hut locations in China for a limited time, changing the aesthetics of these locations in addition to unique menu items. To kick off this monumental moment for Genshin Impact and Pizza Hut, they teamed up to create a charming frame-by-frame animation promoting restaurant menu items with a Genshin Impact twist.

The joint frame-by-frame video of Genshin Impact x Pizza Hut begins with the cryo character Yula, who in an apron, chef’s hat and coat receives an order before she collects the ingredients for it, spinning around. The Chibi version of Yula rolls out the pizza dough as if by magic, and then continues to sprinkle the sauce and the necessary ingredients for eating Pizza Hut on the raw crust while she spins the creation to cook it to perfection. The pizza is then loaded into a device attached to the slime, which the arsonist character Amber, dressed as a delivery driver, carefully guides to a Pizza Hut customer who is playing Genshin Impact on his mobile device.

In the past, Genshin Impact worked with KFC on a similar collaboration, during which popular characters from role-playing fighters got to certain places, such as, for example, the current action with Pizza Hut. Genshin Impact’s collaboration with Pizza Hut is not limited to the restaurant, as players can also get in-game furniture, special cooking recipes and a camera, as well as some Pestilence currency. This Genshin Impact campaign runs from August 29 to September 17, but it has already been so successful that as a result, the police have closed at least one Pizza Hut establishment.

Given that the developer of Genshin Impact is based in China, it is quite appropriate that Pizza Hut locations in the country were the first to receive cooperation with Genshin Impact, but it is currently unclear whether it will reach the Western ones in the future or not. Many fans in North America took the announcement of Genshin Impact x Pizza Hut to express their enthusiasm for such a collaboration to take place in places in their area, while others offered to collaborate with BeanBoozled, Kung Fu Tea, McDonald’s and Panda Express.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5, a version for Switch is also in development.


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