Genshin Impact: All kindergartens at Dusk (Vasmtri locations)


After the completion of Varun Ghatha’s quest line, a Kindergarten of Dreams will be available in Genshin Impact. Here people can plant wastrees, which are harvested at Dusk, and turn an empty farm into a paradise for viparias.

A total of 12 nurseries are scattered around the Twilight. Although it is not necessary to find them all, it is necessary to do so if players want to complete chapter 3 of their aranyaka. The complete completion will be marked with a tick, and the first step to this will be to search for all the locations of the Sumeru nursery in Genshin Impact.

All Sumeru Nurseries in Genshin Impact

A total of 12 Genshin Impact nurseries are scattered across the Twilight. Completing this puzzle gives players a Regular chest and a special item called Wasmtri.

Vasmtri in Genshin Impact is used for planting viparias in the Vanaran nursery. Filling the garden of Vanaran 12 vasmtri is necessary to complete the Varuna Ghatha quest line, which gives some special rewards.

12 locations:


Southwest of Vanarana, outside the giant plant zone. South of the Tree of Dreams, northwest of Vanaran’s underground teleport in Genshin Impact.

Ashavan Kingdom

Northwest of the teleport waypoint, which is southwest of the Ashavan Statue of the Seven Kingdoms southwest of the Yasna Monument, next to a muddy path. East of the Kingdom of Ashavan. The Statue of Seven. South of the teleport waypoint north of the monument is clear in Genshin Impact.

Ardravi Valley

South of the Dark Valley domain. Follow the muddy path. To the west of the southeasternmost teleport waypoint To the northeast of the southeasternmost teleport waypoint

Avidya Forest

Between the forest statue of the seven Avidyas and the teleport waypoint in the northwest. Northeast of the village of Vimara, next to a dirt road.

Visudha Field

Southeast of the statue of seven on the Visudha field.

To solve the flower tile puzzle, players need to step on all the grass until it turns into flowers. You can step on each patch of grass only once. If the tile is activated twice, the puzzle is reset and the players must repeat it.

Please note that players do not need to finish the Genshin Impact puzzle near Wasmtri. Completing the puzzle on any tile is fine if all the grass turns into a flower.

After all 12 nurseries are collected, players need to return to Vanarana to plant vasmtri in the nursery of dreams. Wait until the next day to see the garden filled with viparyas. Then, to finish chapter 3 of Aranyaka in Genshin Impact (Varuna Gatha), find Varsha in a hidden cave.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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