Genshin Impact: all elemental combos


We explain how you can perform all the elemental combos in Genshin Impact, available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

Each character in Genshin Impact has a specialty, both in types of attacks and weapons that they can use. Their abilities are usually related to one of the seven natural elements available in the game, so learning to use them correctly in each battle is essential to get out of the situation with a victory under your arm. To help you in this task, below and as part of this complete guide we explain how you can link these powers with each other to achieve effective and lethal elemental combos.

All elemental combos and how to do them

Before going on to detail the elemental combos available, we leave you with the list of elements and their name within the game, so that the following list makes sense:

  • Anemo: Wind
  • Cryo: Ice
  • Dendro: Nature
  • Electro: Lightning
  • Geo: Earth
  • Hydro: Water
  • Pyro: Fire

Once the seven elements are clarified, we must mention how you can perform these elemental combos. Basically, it is about combining two or more elemental attacks to achieve a different and very powerful result. For this we can help ourselves from our friends, when playing in multiplayer mode, or be agile and carry out combined attacks by changing characters among the four that we have available in our team

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