Genshin Impact: A list of climbing materials and Noel’s talents


Noel is one of the first characters that players get in Genshin Impact. She is known as one of the few jack-of-all-trades in the game due to the fact that she can perform many roles, but in each of them she is mediocre. Favonius Maid can act as DPS, Shielder and Healer.

This Claymore user is very useful for new players, but later in the game he is often replaced on the bench. However, as time passed, many people ran out of characters to raise, and so they decided to give Noelle a little love. In order to improve Noelle in Genshin Impact, she needs the following materials for ascension and talent enhancement.

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Leveling materials

Like any other Genshin Impact character, Noelle needs to level up if players want to maximize her potential.

EXP level 1-20 120 175 24,200 20-40 578,325 115 800 40-50 579 100 116 000 50-60 854,125 171 000 60-70 1,195 925 239 200 70-80 1,611,875 322,400 80-90 ( maximum

Players will not only need 1.6 million Pestilence to maximize Noel, but they will also have to farm several EXP books.

Subject Total Wanderer’s Advice 12 Adventurer’s Experience 11 Hero’s Wit 415

Noel’s Ascension Items

Since Noel hails from Mondstadt, Valberry is a must-have local delicacy.

Gems Level Enemy Drops Drops from the boss Specialty Pestilence 20 1x Sliver Prithiva Topaz 3x Damaged Mask – 3x Valberry 20,000 40 3x Prithiva Topaz Fragment 15x Damaged Mask 2x Basalt Pillar 10x Valberry 40,000 50 6x Prithiva Topaz Fragment 12x Stained Mask 4x 0 60 Basalt Pillar 600x 200 Prithiva topaz Chunk 18x Painted Mask 8x Basalt Column 30x Valberry 80,000 70 6x Prithiva topaz Chunk 12x Sinister Mask 12x basalt column 45x valberry 100,000 80 6x prithiva topaz gemstone 24x sinister mask 20x prithbilt valberry 120,000 9x Piece Prithiva Topaz 6x Prithiva Topaz Gemstone 18x Damaged Mask 30x Stained Mask 36x Sinister Mask 46 168 420,000

Precious Stones – where to find Prithiva Topaz

Players can farm Prithiva Topaz by fighting the Geo Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact.

Enemy Drop – where to find Hilichurl Mask Drops

Any level: Damaged Mask Level 40 and above: Stained Mask Level 60 and above: Sinister Mask

Hilichurl Mask is one of the most common drops in Genshin Impact. Hilichurl, Samachurl, Mitachurl and Lawachurl drop out of this item.

Boss Drop – How to get a basalt column

The basalt column can be farmed in Geopostasis. This boss is in Liue.

Local delicacy – where to find valberry

This delicacy of Mondstadt can be found in the area of the Petrel Mountains and Cape Thunderer. Valberry in Genshin Impact grows in batches of four on each plant.

Noel’s Talent Materials

In order for Noelle from Genshin Impact to succeed in all the roles available to her, players will need to raise the level of all her talents.

Level Books Ordinary Drop Mats for Trophies Crown of Insight Pestilence 1-2 3x Resistance Exercises 6x Damaged Mask – – 12 500 2-3 2x Resistance Guide 3x Stained Mask – – 17 500 3-4 4x Resistance Guide 4x Stained Mask – – 25 000 4 -5 6x Resistance Manual 6x Stained Mask – – 30,000 5-6 9x Manual by Resistance 9x Stained Mask – – 37,500 6-7 4x Philosophy of Resistance 4x Sinister Mask 1x Dwalin’s Claw – 120,000 7-8 6x Philosophy of Resistance 6x Sinister Mask 1x Dwalin’s Claw – 260,000 8-9 12x Philosophy of Resistance 9x Sinister Mask 2x Dwalin’s Claw – 450,000 9-10 (max.) 16x Philosophy of Resistance 12x Sinister Mask 2x Dwalin’s Claw 1x Crown of Insight 700,000 Total: 3x Resistance Teachings 21 Resistance 38x Philosophy of Resistance 6x Damaged Mask 22x Stained Mask 31x Sinister Mask 6 1 1 652 500 Total x2: 6x Resistance Teachings 42x Resistance Guide 76x Philosophy of Resistance 12x Damaged Mask 44x Stained Mask 62x Sinister Mask 12 2 3 305 000 Total x3: 9x Resistance Ching Tea 63x Resistance Guide 114x Philosophy of Resistance 18x Damaged Mask 66x Stained Mask 93x Sinister Mask 18 3 4 957 500

Talent Books – Resistance

Resistance Talent books are available in the Mondstadt Talent section on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Trounce Materials – Dvalin’s Claw

Dwalin’s Claw is a weekly reward from the boss, which can be obtained in the Horror of the Storm trial.

The Crown of Understanding

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to farm Crown of Insight. Players must be active in the game to receive this exclusive reward.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.