Genshin Impact: A Guide to the Best Dory Assembly


Best Dory Assembly – Healer’s Focus Best Dory Assembly – Support Focus Best Dory Assembly – Aggravation Focus Best Dory Assembly – Hypercolor or Electrocharged Focus

Genshin Impact players who have completed the latest Archon Quest must be familiar with the shadow trader Dori. This is due to the fact that in Genshin Impact 3.0 Archon Quest, players will participate in its illegal transaction.

In the second half of Genshin Impact 3.0, Dori is released along with a rerun of Ganyu and Kokomi. As previously teased on live TV, the merchant is a healer who can provide a degree of Electro application. However, although she is a healer, the best Dory builds in Genshin Impact can be quite challenging when players have to choose the one focus they want for their Dory.

The Best Dory Assembly – Healer’s Focus

Dori provides healing with her Elemental Burst, so naturally focusing on the healer is one of the most sensible options for Dori.

Dori Best Artifacts – Healer Assembly

The main characteristics of the artifact

Watch: HP Cup: HP Tiara: Healing Bonus

Sets of artifacts

4 ocean-colored clams 4 items “Beloved virgin” 2 items “Perseverance of millelite”, “beloved virgin” or ocean-colored clam

Dori heals every 2 seconds with her ultimate. There are a total of six ticks in duration, and with a full healer build, players can receive about 10,000 healings for each tick (60,000 healings in total).

Since the recovery of 60,000 HP is quite a lot, instead of being completely healed with the help of a 4-piece Beloved Virgin, choosing a 4-piece Ocean Clam may be the best option in Genshin Impact. Players won’t do much damage to Dori’s healing, and in return, she will do a little more damage.

Dori Best Weapons – Healer Assembly

The Bell R5 Ferrous Shadow Skyward Pride By Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

Finally, The Bell is now viable. Although Dory won’t really benefit from his passivity, the Bell’s auxiliary health characteristic can help enhance her healing. The same can be said about Genshin Impact’s 3-star weapon, Ferrous Shadow.

Meanwhile, both Skyward Pride and Katsuragikiri Nagamasa don’t give HP, but instead the weapon helps Dori recover her blast faster by improving her energy recharge rate.

Best Dory Build – Support Focus

Dory’s support focuses more on the team buff and the opponent’s debuff. This is a great option if players don’t need too much healing from Dory.

Dori Best Artifacts – Build Support

The main characteristics of the artifact

Watch: Energy Charging or HP Cup: HP Tiara: Healing Bonus

Sets of artifacts

4pcs Noblesse Oblige 4pcs Deepwood Memories 4pcs Instructor

For artifact sets, players must:

Use Noblesse Oblige if DPS requires an ATK characteristic. Use Deepwood Memories if DPS is a Dendro character. Use Instructor if the team focuses on Elemental Reactions.

Dori Best Weapons – build support

Wolf Tombstone Forest Regalia Big Sword Favonia

The best weapon for Dory’s support is something that increases the overall performance of the team. The Wolf tombstone can increase the team’s ATK, Forest Regalia improve the skill of the elements, and the Great Sword of Favonius can help restore the Energy of the group.

The Best Dory construction is to Aggravate the focus

Aggravation is a Dendro Elemental reaction in Genshin Impact, which enhances electroattacks, providing a flat DMG buff. This is a great option if players want to increase the DPS of the team in the Dendro command structure.

Please note that this build is best used if Dory is at a high Constellation level. Without her Genshin Impact Constellations, building Dory Aggravate isn’t really worth it. This is due to the fact that Dory barely activates the Irritation on C0, where it causes a reaction:

Once with her Elemental Skill (assuming the enemy is already accelerated) Three times with her Elemental Explosion.

Meanwhile, on C6, the Aggravating Dory intensifies to:

Twice when using the Elemental skill Twice when using a normal attack after using the Elemental skill Three times when using the Elemental skill Three times when using Ginny Tup when using the Elemental Explosion

Dori Best Artifacts – Aggrave Build

The main characteristics of the artifact

Sets of artifacts

4pcs Gilded Dreams 4pcs Thunderer 4pcs Emblem of Torn Destiny 4pcs Thunder Rage

Dori Is The Best Weapon – Aggrave Build

Red-Horned Stonemason Raincutter R5 Blood-stained Greatsword Snake Ridge

Since Aggravation is affected by Critical Damage and Elemental Mastery, weapons that can provide these characteristics are great for Dory builds focused on Aggravation.

The Red-Horned Stonemason gives a huge characteristic of critical damage, and the Rainslasher is great for both its auxiliary characteristic “Mastery of the Elements” and for a passive skill that enhances the damage of the Dory if enemies are electrocuted. Bloodtainted Greatsword is a 3—star Genshin Impact Claymore that provides elemental mastery and also has a passive ability similar to Rainslasher. Finally, the Snake Spine is great for critical speed. Unfortunately, Dori won’t get much benefit from the passive Snake Ridge skill.


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