Genshin Impact: 8 Fun Facts About RPG That Became a Phenomenon


Genshin Impact was launched in the last year and has won a large share of players around the globe. This is clearly reflected in revenues (which reached US $ 874 million in five months), and also in the entire universe that exists to be explored.

With so much content and elements related to the game, perhaps some things have passed you by – and that is why we present below some curiosities about this RPG that can already be considered a worldwide phenomenon.

1. Virtual records

According to a report released by producer MiHoYo on its social networks, more than 1.5 million players have been hit by lightning strikes throughout their adventures. Another point mentioned is the fact that a player has invested seven hours to swim from one end of the map to the other (and this is clearly what we can call persistence and good use of the stamina bar).

2. From screens to “paper”

The entire universe created for Genshin Impact proved to be so vast that it generated a series of comic books (the famous manga) that are available on the game’s official website – including editions in Portuguese. Through them it is possible to know a little more about the plot of various characters, among them Venti, Diluc, Amber, Lisa and others who are also quite popular with the public.

3. From the real to the virtual

The game has several cities to be explored by the player, but what some may not know is the fact that many of them were inspired by real places. Mondstadt, for example, is based on cities that have medieval buildings found in Germany, while Liyue has a strong relationship with China.

4. Sweethearts from the crowd

Genshin Impact features several characters to compose your team, and many of them are obtained using real money or special resources found when fulfilling specific missions and conditions. A survey by the Sensor Tower website revealed that the most desired were Zhongli, Albedo, Ganyu, Xiao and Hu Tao, with all the amounts seen in the image above refer to purchases made only on the day they were launched in the game.

5. Queen of fishing

Exploring the elements of each character within the game is a fundamental part of doing well in the adventure, but what many may not know is that this cannot be used only in battles. In the example we bring here, we can see that Lisa’s electrical skills give her the possibility to fish in the various lakes and rivers present in the game, guaranteeing resources to prepare some of the various dishes on the menu.

6. Happy birthday!

At this point in the championship, many must have realized that the production company offers a birthday gift to the players on the day they celebrate their births. Obviously some also realized that it is possible to circumvent this system simply by changing the date in the menu to receive a Cake for the Traveler as a celebration more than once a year.

7. Clap for her

Were you able to add the character Barbara to your team? If so, make her the leader of your group and head to the city of Monstadt. Once there, attack the NPCs who are on the spot to realize that they will not suffer any kind of damage and, in addition, will still applaud the combatant for giving them a chance to hear the healer’s music in the process.

8. Time passing

You may have noticed that the Genhsin Impact loading screen adapts to the morning, afternoon and night cycle according to the time you are playing, right? What about the passage of time, did you manage to understand the logic of the game?

Within the game, one second of our real clock corresponds to one minute in the world in which the adventure takes place. Soon, the cycle of a day in the virtual world is completed after 24 minutes of gaming in the universe created by MiHoYo.

Did you already know Genshin Impact? If you don’t know much about the game, you can check out our impressions about it, as well as some tips to optimize the game’s execution on your computer.


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