Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: Dendroculus Sumeru — The Best Oculus


Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact is fast approaching, bringing with it the nation of dendro Sumeru, home to the dendro statues of the seven, which require green leafy dendrocules to level up. Thanks to the beta testing of Genshin Impact 3.0, leaks have shown what Dendroculus will look like, and it perfectly represents Land of Verdure. The protagonist of Genshin Impact, a Traveler, can interact with the Statue of Seven to tune himself to the element of the region, and it is expected that the Traveler will be able to resonate with the Dendro statues as soon as Sumeru becomes available for research.

Genshin Impact players have been waiting for the arrival of Sumeru for a long time, as the region promises to introduce the first Dendro game characters in the game. At launch, Genshin Impact offered playable characters tuned to all elements except Dendro, and players waited almost two years before Sumeru became available for study. Due to the recent beta testing of version 3.0, information about the first game characters Sumeru and Genshin Impact Dendro leaked, which further increased the excitement about the release of the update next month.

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Like all the statues of the seven in Genshin Impact, the statues of Sumeru can be upgraded with a special oculus that can only be found in this region. Like the other oculi that preceded it, the Dendroculus is a sphere of elementary energy of the Dendro, which can be offered to the Statues of the Seven at Dusk. Genshin Impact players will receive rewards up to a maximum level of 10 for raising the level of the Sumeru Statues. Players will have to carefully explore the Twilight to collect all the available dendrocules. Currently, for each region being explored in Genshin Impact, players can create an oculus resonance stone that helps them find oculi. We hope that Genshin Impact will add Dendroculus Resonance Stone, which can be created starting from version 3.0.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: What dendrocules look like in the Twilight

Thanks to the authoritative leaders of Genshin Impact, such as genshinBLANK, it is now known what the offerings of the Statue of the Seven Sumer look like. At the center of the Dendroculus design is the Dendro vision with the leafy heart symbol, which represents the Dendro Genshin Impact element. Around the vision are two leaves, similar to the leaves caused by Dendro Samachurls, one of the few enemies of Dendro in the game. As soon as the appearance of Dendroculus was published on social networks, Genshin Impact players rushed to create memes about the striking similarity of the new oculus to cabbage.

Genshin Impact 3.0 update promises a lot of new content, including a new explored region of Sumeru and the first Dendro playable characters in the game. Travelers are expected to explore the new region to find Dendrocules to offer to the Statues of the Seven. Although the rewards for raising the level of the Seven Sumeru Statues are not yet known, they will undoubtedly be numerous and will include some of Genshin Impact’s most valuable resources, as well as brand new items exclusive to Sumeru. Finding deciduous-green dendrocules among the lush green rainforests of Sumeru will not be easy, especially since Sumeru may be the largest Genshin Impact region to date, but hopefully the resonant stone of dendrocules will help players in their task.