Genshin Impact 3.0 Beta Leak Reveals Seven New Sumeru Weapons


Genshin Impact weapons are the most important part of any character’s build, which leads to a lot of excitement whenever a new weapon is announced. With the advent of the long-awaited Sumeru region, players expect a lot of changes in the combat system of the game due to the introduction of a new element.

Every update has a beta phase, which almost always reveals most of the upcoming content. Recent leaks of the beta version of Genshin Impact 3.0 have revealed a lot of new characters and weapons that should be part of the new update.

The addition of a new major region will introduce items and characters on the theme of Twilight. The popular leader of Genshin Impact named Dimbreath revealed the names of seven new weapons that are expected to appear in the next update. According to Dimbreath, Genshin Impact Version 3.0 will introduce only one new five-star weapon called the Hunter’s Path, and it will have the following characteristics:

Rarity: Five-star weapon Weapon type: Bow Basic Characteristic: 44-542 Secondary Characteristic: Critical Strike Chance (44.10%) Passive: Increases elemental damage by 12-24%. Hitting an opponent with a charged attack increases his damage by 160-320% of the character’s Elemental Skill. This effect lasts 12 charged attacks for 10 seconds.

This will be the only five-star item, and it will probably serve as a signature weapon for the new five-star character Tignari, who is confirmed to be appearing on one of the update banners. Tignari is a strong Genshin Impact DPS character who has a special mechanics of his charged attack similar to Ganyu, which is probably the main reason why the passive effect of the weapon revolves around this type of attack. Remaining weapons on the theme of Twilight:

Forest Regalia (4-star Claymore) Moonpiercer (four-star shaft weapon) Timber Blade (four-star sword) Fruit of Fulfillment (four-star catalyst) King’s Squire (four-star bow)

The first four weapons will have a similar passive effect, which creates a special kind of leaf after the reaction of the Dendro element is triggered. This sheet will give additional elemental skill or attack, depending on the weapon. In the case of the bow, the owner of the weapon will receive the “Mastery of the Elements” buff after activating his elemental skill or explosion.

The leader mentioned another weapon that doesn’t match the Sumeru theme, and it’s called a Trawler. It’s a four-star bow with a secondary Energy Recharge option, which means it’s likely to be a good choice for support characters like Fishle. The weapon has a passive effect that deals 80-160% area damage after the weapon owner uses an elemental skill.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.