Genshin Impact 2.8: What Diluc & Fischl Outfits Look Like


During the live broadcast of version 2.8, Genshin Impact officially unveiled the future outfits for Diluk and Fishl, which will appear in the Genshin Impact 2.8 update. Although both character costumes leaked online before their official announcement, the live broadcast provided a unique insight into the new costumes of the Mondstadt characters with cut scenes in which each character sported his new attire. Dilyuk’s outfit is dedicated to his heroic personality, the Hero of the Dark Night. The new Fischl outfit is a ceremonial outfit suitable for a princess with a royal crown decorated with bows.

Despite the fact that there are about fifty playable characters in Genshin Impact, there are very few costumes or skins for the characters in the game. At the beginning of 2022, Genshin Impact added alternative outfits for Jean, Amber, Mona and Rosary in accordance with the Chinese government regulations regarding “standards of decency”. Barbara, Jin, Keqin and Ninguan received themed character costumes available in the character costume store. In addition to the store, Barbara’s summer outfit was previously available during the limited-time Echoing Tales event, and Ningguan’s formal dress was previously available during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event.

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Genshin Impact shared the official teaser trailer of Teyvat Fashion outfits on its YouTube channel for Genshin Impact players who missed the live broadcast 2.8. The teaser shows Dilyuk and Fishl in action, demonstrating their new clothes in Genshin Impact and possessing their abilities as an arsonist and an electric motor, respectively. Dilyuk’s fans were happy to see that Dilyuk with a high tail became a canon in his new outfit Red Dead of Night, in which Dilyuk is depicted in a Dark Night Hero costume. In addition, Fischl’s fans were delighted with the new ceremonial attire of the Princess Ein Immernachtstraum.

Genshin Impact 2.8: Diluc’s Darknight Hero New Gear

The new Diluk costume, Red Dead of Night, will be available in the Genshin Impact store starting from version 2.8. It is rumored that a high-rarity skin costs the equivalent of $30 in Genesis crystals, although it is not yet known whether players will be able to purchase the skin using one of the other Genshin Impact currencies, such as Primogems. Dilyuk’s new outfit shows the Hero of the Dark Night of Mondstadt in all its glory, providing an alternative to the casual clothes that Dilyuk can find at the Dawn Winery.

Fischl from Mondstadt gets a New Character Costume in Genshin Impact 2.8

The Princess of Mondstadt, Fischl, will get a brand new outfit when the 2.8 update for Genshin Impact is released later this month. Unlike the Diluka skin, which can only be purchased, the new Fishl costume will be given to players for free after the completion of the upcoming Resonating Visions event version 2.8. During the event, the Traveler will visit the Golden Apple Archipelago, previously exclusive to the Midsummer Island event version 1.6, to collect memories from the past. Fischl’s new costume in Genshin Impact, Ein Immernachtstraum, is an ode to Fischl’s royal legacy and summer nights, echoing the theme of Summer Fantasia version 2.8.

Genshin Impact 2.8 update is just around the corner, filled with new events and a new game character, 4-star user Anemo and detective Inazuman Shikanoin Heizou. Kazuha and Eimiya will receive the long-awaited first repeats of their banners, while Klee and the arsonist will receive a second repeat of the banners. In addition to this abundance of new content, Dilyuk and Fishl will get their first alternate outfits for the characters, hopefully the first of many new unlockable outfits for Genshin Impact characters.