Genshin Impact 2.4 May Bring Ganyu Banner Back In Addition To Mona


Genshin Impact: As always, yet another Genshin Impact leak indicates the characters we can expect in the next game’s udpates. This time, the rumor circulates on the internet that the 2.4 update should bring back a Ganyu banner, which arrives accompanied by Xiao. Furthermore, Mona is also expected to make her comeback soon.

Genshin Impact always shows up in leaks and many of them get it right, but even so, it’s important to remember that it’s not official information and can change at any time.

The leak about the Ganyu banner with Xiao as a 4-star character comes from the Genshin community in TZ. Rumors about Mona’s return have another source.

The tweet above comes from Lumie, who is famous for her Genshin leaks. The account spoke only in text about Mona’s return. In free translation, the post says “if you miss Mona, don’t worry! She’s going to have some dialogue soon.”

The 2.4 update for Genshin Impact does not yet have an officially set date to arrive, but various information and rumors have been leaked about the update. Several of them can be seen in this post.

For those who are fans of the game and waiting for the update – and the possible return of Ganyu – you can keep an eye on Genshin’s official Twitter account to take advantage of the themed calendar pages that miHoYo is offering!