Genshin Impact 1.1: all the changes and news of the patch


We detail everything we know about version 1.1 of Genshin Impact, which will add many new features and improvements to the game on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

miHoYo presents all the news that will come to Genshin Impact with the arrival of patch 1.1, which will serve to update the game and prepare it for its arrival on PS5. That doesn’t mean the update is console-exclusive, far from it. In fact, we can enjoy all the content and general improvements on PC and the versions for iOS and Android mobile phones. Since it is quite extensive patch notes, here is a summary, in addition to remembering that a new character, Klee, recently arrived, and that you have a complete guide to the game on MeriStation.

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Details

Rewards in Protogems

As is customary in Genshin Impact, every time they carry out a major update for which they must temporarily close the servers, players will receive a series of Protogems in return and as compensation. In this case it will be 300 + 300, that is, up to 600 protogems at once, both due to maintenance and a bug fix they have made. In order to claim this reward we must have an adventure rank higher than 5 and redeem the mail (within the game itself) within 30 days.

New characters

As for the update itself, what stands out the most is the arrival of new characters, which we can get in a new gachapon and in special events that will allow us to try them to add them to our favorites list or discard them in pursuit of other characters that they are more attractive to our team.

  • “Tartaglia,” Nobile “(Hydro): uses Bow as a weapon and its elemental ability, called” Legacy of Evil: Raging Waves. ” Launch an arsenal made of pure water, dealing Hydro Damage to nearby enemies. Ultimate Skill: “Chaos: Obliteration”. He can cast Arrow of Chaos or Light of Obliteration depending on Tartaglia’s position.
  • Diona, “the Feline Bartender” (Cryo): uses Bow as a weapon and her elemental ability, “Icy Claw”. Deal Cryo Damage to enemies and create a protective shield. Ultimate Ability: “Killer Cocktail”. Throw a special iced cocktail, create a Heady Mist in an area, dealing Cryo Damage to enemies and healing characters in it.
  • Zhongli, “the Wanderer of the Mortal Realm” (Geo): He carries a spear as a weapon and his elemental ability, “Dominus lapidis”. Control the omnipresent power of the earth to solidify it into a Stone Crest that deals Geo Damage on AoE. Ultimate Ability: “Starfall”. Summons a giant meteor that deals massive Geo Damage to enemies within impact radius and petrifies them.
  • “Blazing Riff” Xinyan (Pyro): uses the Claymore as a weapon and its elemental ability, “Rampage”. Deal Pyro Damage to nearby enemies and create a shield. Ultimate Ability: “Melody of Rebellion”. Swiftly emits sound waves that deal Physical Damage to the AoE, then explode for continuous Pyro Damage to nearby enemies.
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