‘Genocide’: youtuber Felipe Neto investigation suspended


Judge Gisele Guida, of the 38th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, suspended this Thursday morning (18) the action initiated at the request of city councilman Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) against youtuber Felipe Neto, who had referred to the father of politician, the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro, as “genocidal”.

In her order, the magistrate recognized the absolute illegality of the initiation of criminal proceedings, based on the National Security Law, and determined the immediate suspension of the investigation. The procedure, now canceled, refers to a criminal complaint after Felipe Neto issued an opinion on Twitter about the improper conduct of the management of covid-19 by the federal government.

In what he intends to be “a fight against authoritarianism”, Felipe Neto will launch a project, in partnership with lawyers such as André Perecmanis, Augusto de Arruda Botelho, Davi Tangerino and Beto Vasconcelos, to defend for free people who are investigated or prosecuted for protesting against the federal government and President Jair Bolsonaro, in criminal, civil and administrative actions.

Named “Cala-Boca Já Morreu”, the civil society group “will be driven by the principle that when a citizen is silent in the exercise of their legitimate right of expression, the voice of democracy weakens. We cannot allow them to shut us up and we are not going, ”said Felipe Neto in a note.


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