Gengar in Pokémon Unite, Better Builds; Attacks, Items


Pokémon Unite: We tell you the best builds for Gengar in Pokémon Unite: combos, attacks, objects in the jungle and online to gank and win all the games If what you like the most in Pokémon Unite is appearing by surprise from the shadows and eliminating enemies without them having the ability to react, Gengar is your perfect choice. The ghost pokémon is the nightmare for many players of the Nintendo MOBA has to be well equipped to bring out its full potential. For that reason, and as part of our complete guide, we bring you their best builds for both line and jungle.

Gengar’s Move Set

This character’s difficulty is rated expert, and with good reason. You have to know very well how to combine your attacks to be able to do the explosive damage that wipes the enemies from the map before they can react. We propose two different combinations of movements, depending on whether your Gengar goes to the jungle or to one of the lines:

Will-O-Wips to start the game
Sludge Bomb + Hex: It is the best combination for Gengar, especially if he is playing in the jungle role. This combo has a gap closer that allows you to easily gank and act like a killer; a lot of mobility and explosive damage.
Shadow Ball + Dream Eater – It’s a good match for line because the low shadow ball CD lets you hit enemies every few seconds.


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