General Motors Sues Ford for Use of Term ‘Cruise’ in Autonomous System


Automaker General Motors has filed a lawsuit against competitor Ford over an alleged infringement of trademark registration.

It all started in April 2021, when Ford renamed its driving assist technology to BlueCruise. GM didn’t like the change, as it maintains a subsidiary called GM Cruise and a similar range system dubbed Super Cruise, which has been around since 2017.

According to GM, the goal is not to prevent automakers from using the term “Cruise”. The automaker seeks to prevent companies from registering trademarks that could lead to deliberate confusion among the manufacturers or that the rival capitalizes on an effort previously carried out by other companies.

In industry, the expression cruise control (or “cruise control”, in Portuguese translation) is one of the ways to refer to the autopilot mode.

What companies say

“While GM hopes to resolve the trademark infringement with Ford amicably, we have had no choice but to vigorously defend our brands and protect the equity that our products and technologies have gained after several years on the market,” says General Motors in a statement on the lawsuit, alleging that the rival’s use of the term is incorrect.

Ford, on the other hand, rebutted the accusations and stated that they were made without merit. The brand argues that the term “cruise” is common in the industry, already known among drivers and generally refers to a series of technologies that address the interaction between drivers and vehicle, not necessarily infringing on a brand.


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