General Motors File Patent Application For Blockchain


General Motors, which includes brands such as Chevrolet and is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, is trying to obtain a new blockchain patent. The company’s goal is to use blockchain technology in the navigation system.

Blockchain Integration
The maps currently used in the navigation system are updated only with the data collected by vehicles specially prepared for this task. Although these tools provide large amounts of data, they either cannot access some parts of the map or provide false information about these regions.

General Motors wants to use blockchain technology to make this process more efficient. The company’s plan is to enable more vehicles to collect data and transfer this data to blockchain technology in real time.

Compared to now, more and more vehicles will gather information about the environment by touring various regions of the map and this data can be controlled in real time. Since these data will be kept in the blockchain, they can be easily compared with the information available and the accuracy of the data can be easily checked. If the data collected by the vehicle is correct, the map will be updated in the light of that data.

Will Save Money
According to the research of General Motors, integrating blockchain technology into the navigation system can provide serious advantages especially in terms of cost. General Motors’ patent application contains the following part about the subject:

“Today, a navigation system is used in many motor vehicles and autonomous vehicles, which allows to see where that vehicle is located and takes the route of the desired destination. But the cost of updating today’s mapping systems is very high. Therefore, a newer and better system is needed. ”


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