Gene Simmons promise to work for Bitcoin


Kiss member Gene Simmons, one of the prominent representatives of rock music, has pledged to work to make Bitcoin more accessible.

Gene Simmons, member of the rock band Kiss, which has ravaged America since the end of the 70’s, shared a post about Bitcoin on Twitter.

The famous musician responded to a tweet by Cameron, one of the twins of Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini exchange, to develop a system that will allow people to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without bank accounts and said “Yes I will.”

“If you are in the old system, it is easy to buy crypto money, but if you do not have a bank account, it is very difficult to deposit your money in crypto. We have to change that, ”he said.

This tweet by Simmons attracted the attention of both his fans and the crowd who knew him on Twitter. “Would you open your answer, how will you do that?” The American rocker did not answer them even though they were asked.

While Simmons’ short answer caused controversy, it was not fully understood whether he would develop a system to buy crypto money without a bank or open a bank account and buy crypto money.

Cameron Winklevoss’s tweet also caused controversy. It was also interesting that the famous investor, who had been on good terms with regulators until this time and made more people reach crypto money, talked about going out of their bank accounts.

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