Gene From BTS Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Hitmaker “Super Tuna”?


Kim Seokjin, better known by his stage name Jin, gained popularity all over the world after he debuted as a sub-vocalist and visual of the world superstar BTS in June 2013. A few years after his debut as a senior member of the band, Jin became one of the best-selling and influential idols in the Korean industry.

After his debut, Jin has been active both as a BTS member and in his own activities. Considering that Jin has worked in the industry for nine years, how rich has the hitmaker “Super Tuna” become?

Are you interested in his condition? Read on to find out!

Gin from BTS Net Worth 2022

According to media reports, the 29-year-old idol’s fortune is estimated at about $26 million as of this year.

With the great success that the seven-member group has achieved around the world in recent years, in addition to a dedicated BTS fan base and global influence, such a figure of equity associated with Jin’s name did not come as a surprise. .

But with Jin’s income of US$26 million, is he the richest among his fellow BTS members? The answer is no, because the title of the richest BTS member currently belongs to J-Hope, and Jin is ranked seventh.

At the same time, how did Jin accumulate such a net amount?

How did Jin from BTS earn his net worth?

A tiny fraction of Jin’s wealth could have come from his family, given their wealthy background. However, most of the idol’s equity is generated from his income as a BTS member, including their profits from music releases, promotions and official products.

As a member of BTS, Jin also earned a lot from their on-air appearances, as well as advertising deals, among other things. In particular, given the fact that BTS are world-famous and in demand, as well as with their mega-influence and brand strength all over the world, the appearance of the group and the fees for talents will surely be high in proportion to their reputation.

BTS also has a net worth of over $100 million in total, with Jin’s base salary of $8 million per year. Due to the fact that Jin has invested 68,000 shares in HYBE, which is reportedly valued at US$ 16 million, this means that the BTS member’s net worth is already US$24 million, excluding his income from other sources.


When it comes to music, Jin receives royalties from the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), where he is credited with writing several BTS songs and his own.

He himself released the singles “Tonight”, “Abyss” and “Super Tuna”. He also voiced the soundtracks for the dramas “Khvaran: Young poet-warrior” and “Chirisan”.

Along with his appearances on broadcasts with BTS, Jin performed solo in the show “Law of the Jungle” in Kota Manado. He also has many years of experience hosting music shows and music festivals.

Most recently, he collaborated with Nexon and offered ideas for the game Maplestory. He also appeared on rapper Lee Young-ji’s YouTube show No Prepare. Jin is also going to appear as a guest on the popular entertainment show “Running Man”, which will be his first appearance on the show without BTS.

Jin also earns a large amount on his personal Instagram account. The “Super Tuna” singer earns at least about $53,000 per sponsored post, which can grow to $638,000 with his 40.7 million followers.

Thanks to Jin’s success as a BTS member and solo artist, he has been able to earn such a net amount to date. It is also expected that his earnings will increase thanks to his upcoming solo debut with the single “The Astronaut”, which will be released on October 28, Korean time.


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