Geiten Matarazzo teases with new details about Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2


Promoting the long-awaited conclusion of the series to the 4th season, the actor of “Very Strange Cases” Gaten Matarazzo revealed some clues for the second volume of the long-awaited finale of the last chapter of the show.

Matarazzo, who played Dustin Henderson in the popular Netflix series, discussed the upcoming last two episodes of the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases”. Although few plot details were revealed, Matarazzo gave a few hints about what fans can expect from the long-awaited series. the final.

“The eighth episode, I think, lasts an hour and a half,” Matarazzo said of the last two episodes of the fourth season during his appearance on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon. “But the ninth episode is approaching two and a half hours. It’s a movie. Almost nine films. They all go for about an hour and a half — they all go for more than an hour.” Since the fourth season has the longest episodes of the entire series, many fans were not surprised by the news that the finale will last more than two hours. The season seems to have a lot to complete, and there are only two episodes left before that, so fans of the popular series are ready to sit down and watch as long as possible to get answers. “I’ve never been so nervous about the season finale,” one fan wrote in response to the “Very Strange Things” account.

During the interview, Fallon praised the last two episodes, telling Matarazzo, “Everything is starting to pay off, everything is working, and it’s really cool.” Matarazzo agreed, sharing: “You will learn a lot.” Although Matarazzo didn’t share what fans would specifically learn from the latest episodes, many fans have begun to conclude that more details about the relationship and abilities of Eleven and Vecna will be revealed when they inevitably fight in the season four finale.

After it is revealed in chapter seven that the Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) were the ones who sent the First/Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower) into the Upside Down (which inadvertently created Vecna), it seems that the finale will reveal more about them as the heroes/villains dynamic, as well as how the Doctor Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) fits into their current storylines. Fans assume that outside of their fight, some beloved characters will tragically die, whether because of Vecna or because of Hawkins’ rescue from being swallowed from the Inside out.

Whether the death of the character will help to learn more about him or the series as a whole is still a mystery, which caused some fans to panic about the fate of their favorite character. While much of the plot remains unknown, it’s obvious that fans of “Very Strange Cases” are looking forward to Netflix releasing the last two episodes.

The second volume of “Very Strange Cases 4” will be released on July 1, 2022.