GeForce RTX 3060 Ti release delayed by 2 weeks


NVIDIA’s new mid-segment graphics card GeForce RTX 3060 Ti has been delayed. It is stated that the new release date of the video card, which is expected to be released in mid-November, has been delayed for 2 weeks.

It was rumored that NVIDIA, which recently introduced the GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards, will release the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti graphics card on November 17, in less than three weeks. In addition, a Chinese retail company had previously said that the RTX 3060 Ti graphics card will be released in mid-November.

However, according to a new report on Techradar, the RTX 3060 Ti’s release will not be as early as expected. Accordingly, NVIDIA postponed the release of the new graphics card for 2 weeks to December 2.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti release delayed by 2 weeks

Although it is not yet known why NVIDIA has decided to delay such a delay, it is stated that it may be related to a limited number of stocks. As you know, the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 fell into the black market before users could reach them. According to rumors, it is thought that there may be a similar situation with the RTX 3060 Ti graphics card.

Although the hardware features of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti are not yet clear, there are various rumors. Accordingly, the RTX 3060 Ti will come with 4,864 CUDA cores and 8 GB GDDR6 VRAM, just like the RTX 3070. It is also rumored that it will use the same GPU as the RTX 3070.

In addition to all this, according to the listing on Chinese retailer Taobao, the mid-segment RTX 3060 Ti will be faster than the Turing-based RTX 2080. There is no information about when the RTX 3060, the younger brother of the RTX 3060 Ti, which is expected to have a price tag of less than $ 400, will be released. However, there are rumors that the standard RTX 3060 will be released soon after the Ti.

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