GeForce Now wants to bring Fortnite back to cloud iOS


In a risky move, Nvidia launched the game streaming service Geforce Now for iPhones and iPads via the browser, circumventing the rules of the App Store. As if that were not enough to create a climate of tension with Apple, the company even said it plans to bring Fortnite back to iOS using the cloud gaming platform.

Like services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, GeForce Now cannot easily enter the iOS app store because of Apple’s strict guidelines. To circumvent the Apple, Nvidia created a solution to run its gaming platform directly in the Safari browser, without the need to download an extra application.

Testing of the Nvidia service is now available outside of Brazil and iOS users only need to access the GeForce Now website through their devices to use the platform. The tool allows you to run games using cloud processing and has a free plan, in addition to a paid version that includes better graphics and less waiting time to access the servers.

Fortnite back to iOS

Currently, GeForce Now users can access via cloud a collection of games sold in stores like Steam. The biggest news, however, is yet to come: Nvidia will bring Fortnite to its streaming platform on Apple devices.

The company is working directly with Epic Games to develop on-screen controls for the version of Fortnite that will run via the cloud on iOS. The game’s launch on the platform will happen soon, according to Nvidia.

If everything goes as planned, users of iPhones and iPads will finally have a way to access the battle royale game again on iOS. The bad news, however, is that GeForce Now is not officially available in Brazil today.

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Fortnite was banned from the App Store in August and there is no forecast for an official return of the app for iOS. After the game was removed from the app store, Apple and Epic Games began a major legal battle, which could gain further ramifications with the move by Nvidia.

So far, Apple has not officially commented on the matter.


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