GeForce NOW by GAME + packages announced


GeForce NOW by GAME + membership packages have been announced. Thus, the question of whether there will be a “free” option among the GeForce NOW by GAME + membership plans was answered.

GeForce NOW by GAME + comes with a free plan

The world’s most popular cloud gaming service will have a free plan. On the other hand, there is a ‘Premium’ subscription option in the game service in the cloud. However, the fee for this option has not been announced yet.

GeForce NOW by GAME + membership packages come with two options. On the free plan; standard access, 1 hour session time and limited capacity. In the premium option, users will not be restricted by session duration and RTX technology will also be available in this membership package.

What is a game service in the cloud?

Cloud gaming service that promises to play the latest games with high resolution without having powerful hardware; users can access virtual computers with the most powerful NVIDIA graphics cards and processor power on the server via GeForce NOW platform; Here it works by streaming the rendered game to the user’s device.

Therefore, gamers no longer need to purchase good graphics cards, high-performance processors or have enough disk space to download the game to play games that require high hardware.


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