Gearbox Announces Its Own Conference for E3 2021


Gearbox: There is no doubt that E3 2021 is a little different from what we saw in previous years, because we are only aware of all the conferences that will take place little by little. Gearbox, for example, has officially announced that it will have its own conference at the event, which should be broadcast on June 12th at 18:00 GMT.

As many fans may remember, Gearbox used to showcase their new stuff together with 2K Games in the past. Speaking of which, it is worth remembering that the two companies will participate in the Kickoff Live event, which will be presented by journalist Geoff Keighley on June 10, where a completely new game will be presented.

According to some leaks, the big rumor is that this game is Wonderlands, a possible spin-off of the Borderlands franchise and that it would have the character Tiny Tina as its protagonist. Of course, as other projects leaked around the same time, it’s hard to define if this will really be the announced game.

Of course knowing that they will be showing a game just before their conference, it’s our curiosity about how many other games they have in store to announce during this E3. Do you have any Gearbox franchises you’d like to see at this year’s event?


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