Gearbest mid-year sale with great deals


Looking for a technology product with quality and affordable price can become a challenge, but a good solution is to search the import websites. One of the options we always quote is Gearbest, an ecommerce with great offers and a vast catalog of products.

Every year the site has a huge sale in the middle of the year, bringing surprising offers that you need to be connected to take advantage of. You can check the mid-year promotion here, but we have already separated some offers that you will surely like. Check out.

Bluetooth headset A15

For those who are looking for a cheap headset with good reviews, this is a good option. For starters, this wireless headset has water resistance, which alleviates the worries of sweat or rain damaging the device. In addition, the product has 8D quality sound and intelligent noise reduction, allowing you to immerse yourself in music in any environment. The best thing is that you can enjoy all this for 4 hours without having to charge.

Smart Lamp Aqara ZNLDP12LM

Through an application, you can control the smart lamp from wherever you are. And it is also possible to adjust its brightness, program to call only when someone enters the room and also set the right lighting for each moment of your day. The intelligent lamp offers luminosity for reading, relaxing, waking up and returning home.

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