Gcam: new Google app mode allows additional lens use


Google Camera, the famous Gcam, can save lives – or rather smartphones – when it comes to photography. The search giant’s software, which was originally released for Pixel phones, is ported extensively to other Android devices on the market. That’s because everyone wants some of the fruits of this app.

Until then, however, the software – even modified – has difficulties in recognizing additional lenses in a series of smartphones on the market, and without any deeper changes in the device, it offers records only with the main camera. Those who want more versatility in general need to root, a procedure that in most cases invalidates the device’s warranty and even stops it from automatically receiving updates.

The good news is that a new Gcam port is bringing auxiliary lens wear capabilities to a number of popular cell phones. The mod is developed by Wichaya, just download it and then download together the configuration file corresponding to your device.

This modification is based on the same Gcam that recently added support for the other lenses of the OnePlus 8. Thus, phones such as OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and even Redmi 7, Zenfone 6 and many others have become compatible regarding the use of their ultra lenses -wide, telephoto or macro.

After the configuration files are loaded, the Google application will automatically restart and you can activate auxiliary support for the camera. To do this, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Advanced’ section in the camera settings and tap on the ‘Auxiliary camera’ option. On the next page, you can activate the auxiliary cameras by tapping the toggle button next to them. If you follow all the steps correctly, you should see the camera’s auxiliary buttons on the viewfinder, as in your phone’s standard photo photography software.

Remember, Google Camera is already in its 7.5 version, which brought timid news in terms of software. Big updates end up being revealed with new Pixel phones, meaning we can expect news for the coming months with the arrival of the Pixel 5.


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