GBoard will automatically enable night mode


Night mode has been one of the features most demanded by users in recent years. This has helped many to have a better view of the terminal, in addition to achieving more energy efficiency in case of having an OLED screen. But this function has not only been implemented in operating systems, but also in other applications such as GBoard that is capable of selecting the night mode by itself.

GBoard automatically chooses night mode

Having a device compatible with night mode is very comfortable, especially for all those who are bothered by the white background with a lot of brightness. Fortunately, there are more and more phones that are compatible with this technology and are more accessible to users, so it is a matter of time before everyone enjoys this capability in their terminal. The best of all is that sometimes the ‘general’ night mode is applied to the rest of the installed programs and you will only have to configure them.

This is where the trick that we present to you today comes in and is to activate the GBoard night mode automatically. To do this, you have to follow the following steps, which are very simple and it is also not necessary to ‘hack’ or root the mobile, so you will not lose its warranty at any time.

To begin with, the function is in the testing phase so not all users will have access at first. What you have to do is become a beta tester of the application. In other words, you have to enter the application testing program that Google offers to test the latest news before anyone else. You must go to the Google Play Store, select the GBoard and enter the link below to join the team. We make it easier for you if you click on this link.

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From here you will have the option to update to version which is the one that contains the automatic night mode of the GBoard. When choosing the background of the application, you will have the opportunity to choose between three functions: “Automatic system”, “Default light” and “Default dark”. Choose the first one and forget about changing the keyboard when you have or not the night mode activated in the terminal.


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