Gboard Clipboard Now Supports Screenshots


Gboard: Google has a wide range of applications for a specific use, but all useful. If we focus on one of the most basic functions of mobiles, you will need a keyboard to work with and the Mountain View ones have their own version. It is very possible that you know it, especially if you are an Android user, and it is that it is the Gboard and its new function with which you can save images to the clipboard.

Gboard’s new clipboard feature

You will always need a keyboard to work on your mobile or your tablet. You may not have noticed its functions and that you simply see it as a system of virtual keys to type. But when you get used to that part of the extras you may not use any other application other than that keyboard for text input.

And this is where we find the Gboard, one of the most interesting Google apps. It has many options, some of them are interesting and original, but one of the things it proposes is to have a clipboard. Here you have a clipboard system with which you can not only copy words since the Gboard will have an active image save. From AndroidPolice they point out that it is in version when this feature will arrive, although it is still in the testing phase.

To begin with, the application itself will ask for your permission to activate this feature and if you do, you can use it (of course). This feature may come hand in hand with a screen clipping feature, although this has yet to be proven. What is clear is that the app uses the history to save the most recent captures. From here you just have to use the one you want to put it in any document or section that supports these types of files.


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