GB WhatsApp Users Are Being Banned From The Official App


WhatsApp: Last Monday night (21), several users of the WhatsApp GB application, a modified version of the official messenger, said that they are being banned and having their numbers blocked from the platform.

On social media, users complained about the block, while others celebrated the news, saying that the app disregards privacy issues. “The excuse of those who use whatsapp gb is privacy, and the person himself uses it to INVADE the privacy of others (???)”, wrote one user.

Another user, however, says that she only uses the app due to the absence of ‘online’: “I my whatsapp gb we don’t want to see what you delete, we just want to stay off without anyone disturbing asking to answer”. The subject was on Twitter’s Trending Topics.

After all, what is WhatsApp GB?

Briefly, WhatsApp GB is an alternative and similar application to the original. The difference is in the features available in the pirated version, such as the option to hide ‘online’, schedule messages to be sent, configure not to show when recording an audio or typing, add a PIN to protect messages and remove audio notifications listened.
In addition, WhatsApp GB users can also register more than one number to use simultaneously in the application. The modified version of the app is only available on Android.