Gazprom to Offer Bitcoin Trading Service in Switzerland


Gazprombank Swiss, managed by the state-owned energy company Gazprom in Russia, introduced Bitcoin service innovation for Swiss customers. The bank will now be able to legally offer Bitcoin to corporate customers in Switzerland.

The bank, run by Gazprom, will offer Bitcoin (BTC) trading and custody services to select corporate customers in Switzerland, according to a new announcement. The bank obtained the necessary authorization for these services from FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Steps will also be taken for Altcoin

According to the information obtained, the bank front has been making efforts for two years to make the necessary legal regulations. The bank announced in a press release that the relevant legal framework will now be determined. With this legal framework, corporate customers will be able to trade Bitcoin and store their assets on Gazprombank Swiss.

Gazprombank Swiss announced that it plans to offer this service over time for more types of cryptocurrencies. With the legal framework, possible risks can be prevented in all kinds of transactions of corporate customers related to crypto money. Gazprombank Swiss CEO Roman Abdulin made a statement about the issue and stated that they will attract more corporate customers with this service.

“Digital rubles will dominate cryptocurrencies”

A new statement about cryptocurrencies came from the Central Bank of Russia. According to the statement, the central bank claimed that digital money could eliminate people’s crypto money needs by giving signals related to the digital ruble. Alexei Guznov, Head of the Central Bank’s Legal Department, stated in his column that the pilot year for digital rubles will be 2021. In addition to his statements, Guznov suggested that the digital ruble will also address the challenges posed by cryptocurrencies.

Guznov pointed out that cryptocurrencies are used in illegal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking. In addition, according to Guznov, cryptocurrencies are one of the factors that create a challenge for national payment systems.


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