Gaz Coombs Feared That The Supergrass Reunion Would Be a “Step Backwards.”


Gaz Coombs has spoken about how he was “nervous” about a Supergrass reunion after the success of his solo albums.

Coombs has released four solo albums, the latest of which “Turn The Car Around” was released just last month. His second solo record “Matador” was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2015.

In an interview with Classic Pop, Coombs said he was “worried” that the 2019 Supergrass reunion would be seen as a “step backwards.”

“When I got into the flow, and the last two albums were so good, it seemed a little strange, like a step back,” he said. “But then I was sure I could work with both things together, and it seems like I did, because I obviously wrote this record mostly during the reunion, so I feel like I made the best use of both things.”

Supergrass originally disbanded in 2010, citing creative differences, but now Coombs has said he left the band because it no longer made him happy. “I didn’t leave Supergrass for solo. I left because I didn’t like it and it didn’t make me happy. So I needed to make myself happy. I realized that just because I wasn’t in the band didn’t mean I was going to stop.”

Coombs released his solo debut “Here Comes The Bombs” in 2012. Speaking about the recording, he said, “It was a transitional period, definitely had a Supergrass hangover.”

Supergrass released the live album Live On Other Planets in 2020 to celebrate its 25th anniversary and raise funds for mass events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They later performed at a Taylor Hawkins tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in September, after which Coombs confirmed on his social media that this would be the band’s last performance during their reunion.

Coombs commented on the possibility of another reunion in a recent interview with NME. “Reunions cannot last forever, and they must have some kind of life span. It was always supposed to be that year, we were going to do everything in 2020,” he said.

“But because of what happened with the pandemic, it’s obvious that it stretched for two and a half, almost three years, which is pretty crazy. But it’s great that it ended in such a way that we can definitely consider other shows in the future if it feels right and if everything is in its place.”


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