Gay love affair with Mass Effect 2 team member


Through his social networks, Jonathan Cooper, a former film animator at BioWare, revealed that the team thought to include yet another possibility of romance for Shepard in Mass Effect 2, planning to involve the hero in a romantic relationship with squad member Jacob Taylor. .

In a message shared on Twitter on Wednesday (27), the visual artist commented that Jacob was to be one of Shepard’s love options in Mass Effect 2, but acceptance issues were one of the main factors to rule out the possibility in the game. “We envision Jacob as the man / man [relationship], matching Brokeback Mountain almost identically,” wrote Cooper. “They said at the time: ‘America is not ready for this.’ Maybe it still isn’t. ”

The former animator commented that he was impressed with the scene among his teammates, due to the complexity of the act where clothes are torn and there is a lot of physical contact, even with the clothes removal technologies being incredibly difficult to recreate in games in general. “Personally, I still believe it was the wrong decision to cut, as we protested at the time,” lamented Cooper.

In Mass Effect 2, it is possible that Shepard’s character has a homosexual relationship with non-canonical characters Kelly Chambers, Samara and Morinth, but there are no cases of man-to-man relationships. Even Jacob is liable to be involved in the game, but only if the protagonist is female.

What do you think about the cut of the love relationship in the game? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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