Gaules Dethroned xQc From The Post of The Most Viewed Streamer on Twitch After The Rio Major Promotion


Brazilian streaming star Alexander “Gaules” Borba has once again overtaken Felix “xQc” Lendiel as the most viewed streamer on Twitch thanks to IEM Rio Major in CS:GO.

When it comes to choosing the most popular Twitch streamers, fans usually pay attention to several different criteria. You have the most popular streamers that stand out, there are also the most popular streamers that have been around for many years, and then you have the ones that attract the most viewers over a period of time.

Players like xQc and Ninja have dominated the first two categories for a long time, but the third is a constant struggle between several names. A handful of streamers have taken the crown of Twitch’s most viewed streamer over the past few months, including xQc, Gaules and Kai Cenat.

In the case of Gaules, a former Counter-Strike professional usually strives for the top whenever a major CS:GO tournament loses. And well, considering that the November major is taking place in his backyard in Rio, it is quite logical that this time he came out on top.

Gaules beat xQc as the most viewed streamer on Twitch in November

Yes, yes, with Gauls outshining everyone at Rio Major and broadcasting the events live – from the Challenger stage to the Grand Final — he got to the top of the most popular charts.

According to SullyGnome statistics, the Brazilian streamer dominated both in viewing hours and in peak viewer statistics for November, ahead of the official major streams ESL, xQc, Kai Cenat and his compatriot Casimito.

Gaules had almost 21 million hours of views, which is more than 2 million more than ESL, which took second place. Its peak number of views also exceeded 534,000, which is important.

However, as we saw earlier, the streamer is likely to lose its first place when the statistics for the next month change.

He constantly fought with xQc for the first place, and probably next month they will also fight with each other.


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