Gasoline cars and vans to be banned in the UK after 2030


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the anticipation of the regional plan to reduce the emission of CO2 and other polluting gases on the roads. As of 2030, the sale of cars and vans that run on gasoline or diesel will be prohibited.

Initially, Johnson would only implement the plan in 2035, but decided to anticipate the limit. The old date has now turned the deadline to end the sale of hybrid models.

One of the reasons for the acceleration is the covid-19 pandemic, which damaged the economy – something that can be mitigated with the creation of new jobs for the electric car industry and generous tax benefits for those who already buy cars that are less harmful to the environment. environment.

First step

Johnson’s goal also involves making a “green revolution”, with several sustainability plans by 2050. One of them is the creation of “industrial clusters” to develop technologies that capture, store and use carbon dioxide emissions more efficiently. .

Part of the “green revolution” budget will be allocated to expand energy supply through alternative modalities, such as wind farms, hydrogen use in homes and even small-scale nuclear power plants.

The United Kingdom should detail the steps in next year’s edition of COP26, a United Nations (UN) conference that takes place in Glasgow, Scotland.


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