Gaslit: cast as Julia Roberts and Sean Penn


Starz announced on Monday (22) the launch of the Gaslit series, starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. Directed by Matt Ross, the series starts to be produced in this first semester by UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group. To date, the series has no release date yet.

More details about the Gaslit series

The anthological series follows Martha Mitchell, a character played by Julia Roberts. The socialite lives in Arkansas and is the wife of John Mitchell (Sean Penn), President Nixon’s Attorney General.

Despite her husband being one of Nixon’s most loyal supporters, Martha is the first to draw attention to the Watergate scandal, resulting in problems both in the presidency and in her personal life.

Still, John is in love with his wife and must choose between his relationship and loyalty to the president. The couple’s public history is much talked about in the United States, creating a lot of anxiety about the series launch.

In an interview, Starz’s President of Original Programming, Christina Davis, said that Gaslit has a dream cast. For her, putting Martha Mitchell in focus on the Watergate story is an unprecedented feat and the production managed to gather the best team to tell the story.

The series will be broadcast on the Starz channel, in the United States and Canada, and on the StarzPlay streaming platform in Europe, Latin America and Japan. In Brazil, the streaming service can be subscribed to by Amazon Prime Video.

So far, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn are the only names revealed from the cast of Gaslit. Keep an eye out to learn more and take the time to share the news on social media!


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