Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand Criticize Anthony For a Bad Game With Arsenal


Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand have criticised Manchester United winger Anthony after his poor performance against Arsenal.

The Brazilian did not have the best game and was replaced by Fred in the second half.

With the ball, he was neat and had good possession of the ball, but did not pose any threat in attack.

Antony looked scared and unsure of himself.

Neville told in his podcast:

“I think having to remove him is frustrating because you’d like to think like [Gabriel] Martinelli and [Bucayo] Saka, who are also young players, that [Marcus] Rashford and Anthony could be the ones who were on the other side for the counterattack.”

“It’s just not really what’s happening to him at this point in time.”

“He has a bit of work and obviously some growth. He’s new to England than the other two.

Ferdinand seemed confused as to why Antony was no longer taking on his man.

In his show FIVE, the former United defender stated:

“He just doesn’t hit anyone, and I sit and think: has it always been like this?”

“I saw his clips when he was at Ajax and he was the one who beat people.”

“I saw [Thomas] Partey, who I wouldn’t call a roaster or a sprinter, I rushed past him, and I thought: “Wow, he’s got [Anthony] doesn’t have that much strength in his legs.” So, yes, he’s a tricky winger, but tricky wingers — you want them to still be able to beat a defender.”


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