Gary Busey Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations After Arrest in New Jersey


Gary Busey ran into serious trouble with the law over the weekend when the actor was charged with four counts, including two counts of criminal sexual contact related to an incident that occurred in New Jersey earlier this month. So far, there are few details about what exactly happened. Busey has now spoken out and denied any wrongdoing, as well as giving few details about where this alleged incident took place.

A photographer caught Gary Busey filling up at a gas station in his hometown of Malibu and asked the actor if he was guilty of any of the charges against him. The video was posted on TMZ. Busey denied everything, claiming that the women making accusations against him made up the whole story. While it’s still unclear what they say happened at the recent Monster Mania conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Busey says the alleged incident occurred during a photo shoot. Busey said…

No, I never carry any regrets with me.… Nothing. None of this happened. There was my partner, the cameraman and I, two girls. The owner was there. It took less than ten seconds. Then they left. Then they made up a story about me harassing them, but I didn’t do it.

So, according to Gary Busey, who starred in films such as “On the Crest of a Wave” and appeared in a variety of reality shows, including “The Apprentice,” he spent no more than a few seconds with the women making accusations, and they all broke up without incident. This assumes, of course, that this incident is the subject of a criminal complaint. While the announcement of the charges from the Cherry Hill, New Jersey police outlines the charges, for obvious reasons there are few details in it.

However, although Busey claims that nothing happened, the Monster Mania convention statement claims that they received a complaint from the women in question shortly after the event occurred and that Busey was asked to leave immediately.

Whatever the situation, after an investigation, the police considered that there was enough evidence to bring charges. If there were other people in the room, we can assume that the police at least tried to talk to them to get their opinion about what happened.

The same photographer even asked Busey if there was a chance that he did something by accident, not understanding what could have happened, but Busey claims that absolutely nothing happened, repeating…

Nothing happened. It was all fake.

Gary Busey has had an interesting and somewhat erratic career, especially in recent years, although for the last 10 years Busey has dealt only with the law – filed for bankruptcy. Now that charges have been filed against Gary Busey, we’ll probably hear more about what allegedly happened here. One has to wonder if even the accusations will be enough to affect Busey’s career, since he has a couple of film projects that are reportedly in the pipeline.


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