Gartic, UNO, Stop and more: eight games that are mania during quarantine


Gartic, Uno, Stop and other casual games for Android and iOS (iPhone) gained a jump in popularity during the quarantine of the new coronavirus (Covid-19). The recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) that people stay isolated at home changed the scenario of the most downloaded games on the App Store and Google Play, focusing on titles to play with friends online on mobile. Check, in the following list, the games that are most popular for smartphones and tablets during this period of social isolation.

Users who want to learn how to play some of these games can follow TechTudo’s tutorials on how to play Stop / Adedonha online and how to play the classic UNO with friends. If you want other types of games there are also lists with free games to play on your cell phone during quarantine and a list with games to play on consoles and PC in isolation. The pandemic of the new coronavirus has changed the routine of the gaming world, with changes in successful titles that require socialization like Pokémon GO and record breaking in the Steam digital store.

App store (iPhone and iPad)
1. Gartic
The popular cartoon game Gartic has exploded in popularity both on the iPhone and its PC version ( in the past few days. In the App Store, he reached the first place in the ranking of the most downloaded games this Tuesday (24th), according to the mobile analysis company App Annie.

In the game, a participant is drawn as a draftsman and receives a random word that he needs to transmit to the other competitors with just an illustration. At the same time that the game tests drawing skills, it also requires thinking to be able to guess the illustrations before the other players.

2. UNO
Mattel’s card game won a version for smartphones and tablets in which players can compete in a variety of modes, including classic matches. The app allows you to face other UNO fans from around the world, call a friend to help with 2 vs 2 matches and participate in tournaments. The game also has a kind of “campaign” for a player in which it is necessary to complete missions to advance. The application reached the second place among the most downloaded games from the App Store this Tuesday (24).

3. StopotS
This is a game based on the popular game that has names like Stop, Adedonha or Adedanha, according to your region, created by the same company that produces Gartic. For those who do not know the rules, in StopotS a letter is drawn and users need to quote several items that start with that letter, such as band names, body parts, cities and more.

The first player to finish gives the “Stop” and everyone else has to stop and count their points. The evaluation on the validity of the answer is made by the participants themselves. StopotS reached the fourth position among the most popular titles on the App Store.

4. Stop – Categories Word Game
The Fanatee game is an alternative to StopotS for playing Stop online with different mechanics. The rules are still basically the same, but the game is aimed at direct confrontation between participants through disputes between alternate shifts. A match can last for minutes or days, as each player’s turn remains open until he can give his answers. The game is listed on the iPhone App Store as “Stop – Categories Word Game” in third place, but on Google Play it is listed as “Stop – Famous Word Game”.

Google Play Store
1.8 Ball Pool
The Miniclip pool game brings all the experience that a player can expect from the classic table sport and a little more. There are different ways to compete online like 8-ball and 9-ball, options to give effect to the ball according to the point at which the club, minigames, among other things. In addition to competitions, 8 Ball Pool also allows you to assemble a beautiful collection with different types of clubs obtained as a prize in the game.

2. Perfect Cream
Also called “Perfect Cream”, this is a game that transforms the confectionery into something very fun and simple. The player just needs to press on the screen to pour cream over sweets, but his timing needs to be impeccable so as not to waste the coverage or leave parts of the candy without cream. At each stage things get more complicated and even obstacles are added.

3. Spiral Roll
In control of a chisel, Spiral Roll puts the player through a complicated obstacle course. The path is made of wood and, when holding the button, the chisel will scrape it and form an ever-increasing spiral – the longer the player holds the button. When you release it, the spiral will demolish obstacles along the way and prevent the chisel fromquarantine breaking, as if hitting a brick wall. It is a fun game in which many things happen on the screen at the same time.

4. Sharpen Blade
Similar to another popular game called Woodturning, in Sharpen Blade the player needs to sand an object until it takes on a certain shape to create a knife or sword desired by a customer. The main difference here is that, because the objects are swords, the player still needs to sharpen them after shaping. Then, the user gets a bonus to test their cutting ability at the end of production.


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