Garmin Services Come Back To Life After The Attack


Garmin’s services were inoperable after the ransom virus attack last week. The company stated that it may take some time for services to restart. According to the news on The Verge site; The Garmin Connect application, which makes it possible to manage and control the exercise and movement data measured with Garmin’s wearable products, can be accessed again.

Users stated that the data their device has collected since Wednesday can be synced to the app. The messages made by Garmin’s customers on Twitter also give the message that the application has started working again.

However, it must be said that Garmin did not give up the measure. The status section on Garmin’s website contains information that access to Connect is still “limited”. Therefore, it can be said that there has not been a complete recovery yet.

The statement made last Saturday from Garmin stated that there was no information that the interruption affected users’ data such as activity, payment information or personal information.

According to the sources; Garmin applications were disabled due to a ransom virus attack called WastedLocker. Behind the attack was a group of virtual hackers named Evil Corp, and this group did not infiltrate what it took over; In this way, it is stated that the affected systems can be returned from their backups without paying ransom.


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