Garmin receives special monitoring for pregnant women


Garmin is adding pregnancy monitoring to its smartwatches and Connect app. The sensors will work to detect symptoms and changes – such as tiredness and blood pressure – to assist pregnant women during the period, and will allow pausing supervision over physical exercises, preserving the user for nine months.

The mode for pregnant women will adjust the cardiac monitoring system to higher rhythms and set fluid intake goals, as well as record contractions, making the Garmin smartwatch an important ally for monitoring the health of the user and the baby.

This change was thanks to criticism and a growing demand from smartwatch users, due to the absence of modes adapted for the gestation period. Swapna Krishna, in a report to Engadget, commented that the smartwatch simply refused to accept the conditions of physical activity during pregnancy, and constantly labeled them as “unhealthy”.

For her, notifications to remember to move, sedentary records and other alerts are no longer positive and have become “a constant source of anxiety”, reminding her of how she changed to deal with pregnancy. “[…] I constantly reminded myself that I would like to be more physically active than I could be,” he said.

Attention to users arrived late. The monitoring of menstrual cycles was only gaining ground in 2020, even though this capacity was previously possible. Still, assistance to pregnant women is still being ignored, and it still needs major updates to become a useful tool for women.

The update should reach all users of Garmin smartwatches soon; so stay tuned for wearable news at your app store.

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