Garmin may have paid ransom after cyber attack


Garmin recently faced a cyber attack that caused many of its services to remain offline for a long time. According to the news of Sky News, Garmin paid millions of dollars to the attackers to get things back after this attack. It was stated that the payment was made through a ransom virus negotiation company called Arete IR, so that Garmin could recover the data held hostage after the attack.

According to a report published in Bleeping Computer, Garmin received a decryption key to access its data encrypted by the virus. It was stated that the company demanded a $ 10 million ransom for this key in the first place.

The attack started on July 23 and caused Garmin’s wearable products, apps, website and even call centers to remain offline for a long time. The company confirmed that it was under attack on July 27, when many of its services began to return. While the statement did not provide information on whether the ransom was paid after the attack; It was stated that there is no such thing as accessing user data or stolen this data.

The claim that Garmin was attacked with a ransom virus called WastedLocker and that this attack was carried out by people affiliated with Russia-based group Evil Corp has also been brought to the fore. According to the news of Sky News; a negotiating company refused to sit down with this group, which was on the US Treasury Department’s sanction list on behalf of Garmin.

Areta IR also did not make a statement regarding the claim. The company reminded that they have privacy agreements with their customers. In addition, it was underlined that its activities are carried out in accordance with the sanctions of the U.S. Treasury Department.

According to Bleeping Computer, Garmin had to pay a ransom to recover data after the cyber attack. Stating that this ransom was paid on July 24 or 25, Bleeping Computer emphasized that its traces were seen in the codes. No explanation has been received from Garmin.


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