Garmin Enduro comes with endurance sports features


Garmin has launched a new smartwatch targeting athletes and endurance athletes. Named Garmin Enduro, this watch is actually a re-packaged version of the Garmin Fenix ​​6 model, but its performance tracking capabilities seem to have been further improved.

When we look at the design side, there is a watch that looks exactly the same as the Fenix ​​6 series. However, it is available in different color options and with a new flexible nylon strap. Instead of the red tones that we see in the Fenix ​​series, Endura has yellow and green tones. However, there are also steel gray and carbon gray color options. In fact, we can simply describe them as light gray and dark gray.

Garmin’s Power Glass system, which allows charging from solar energy, is also available in the smart watch. In this way, it is possible to charge the battery of the watch a little when direct sunlight comes. According to Garmin, the watch’s battery offers up to 65 days of operation on a single charge.

Enduro has an extended VO2 Max measurement system. So it can measure the oxygen level in the blood. Moreover, there are features such as measuring VO2 Max capacity during training and automatic adjustment depending on monitoring conditions. It also takes into account values ​​such as temperature and altitude during fitness performance measurement.

There is also a feature called ClimbPro. This provides you with incline, elevation gain and distance data about your current and future climbs. You even get a rest timer that allows you to record the time you spend at rest stations by taking a break in the ‘Ultrarun’ activity session, taking water and food.

Apart from activity tracking, the smartwatch will guide you how much rest you need to regain strength effectively. Moreover, it does not give a static table. If you keep track of your sleep and daily activities, it adjusts your time day by day according to your rest and movement.

Add to that the mountain bike session tracking metrics and recommended workouts. After all, you have a true multi-purpose sports watch, yet it has features adapted for very long running sessions.

Of course, all other available Garmin smartwatch features are also included, such as viewing maps, viewing smartphone notifications, calendar events, daily heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, Garmin Pay for sleep, offline music playback and contactless payments.

As of today, Garmin Enduro is available for sale starting from $ 799 in the US and £ 699 in the UK.


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