GANTZ: Creator Will No Longer Make Anime Until He Regains The Rights To The Series


GANTZ‘s American live-action doesn’t seem to be just bringing joy to those involved with the production and probably to fans of the anime. That’s because the creator of the work, Hiroya Oku, responsible for the anime and manga, is showing signs of regret in ceding the rights to the series to Hollywood.

In an interview with the website Crunchyroll, Oku made clear his displeasure with the old decision and confirmed that he will only be able to produce new GANTZ animes when Hollywood returns the rights to the series to him.

contractual impediment

The contract signed with the US cinema world prevents Oku from creating new GANTZ animes, as Hollywood ended up with the rights to the series created by the Japanese.

“I can’t talk about all the details of the deal,” Oku said, “but a Hollywood company has the rights to adapt GANTZ at the moment and unless they give us back the rights, we won’t be able to do an anime or live adaptation. action of the manga”, concluded the creator of the anime.

He also commented, in the interview with Crunchyroll, that Hollywood contracts are always of this type, giving US companies the right to all adaptations, including anime and live-actions. The only type of production that is in Oku’s possession is manga.

Live-action production

In another moment of the interview, the creator of the manga also commented that he did not know the direction the live-action is taking, as it was not updated or involved in the production by the Hollywood company. Furthermore, the film’s own production was never officially confirmed by any US studio.

Rumor has it that the rights to the film are in the hands of Sony Pictures Enternainment. Another rumor is that Marc Guggenheim, producer and screenwriter for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, would be involved in the production.


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