Gang Steals Cell Phones To Hack Into Victims’ Bank Accounts


Gang Steals: In recent weeks, a new wave of crimes has taken over the city of São Paulo. It is a gang that steals cell phones in order to access banking applications installed on the device and clean the victim’s bank account.

According to delegate Roberto Monteiro, fraud began to gain strength at the beginning of the pandemic. He says that, with the increasingly online scenario, the bad guys realized the amount of valuable information that exists in the cell phone.

“Now they buy smartphones with password systems that are easier to crack. Usually it’s Android or cell phones that are already open — in cases where the person is using Waze on the street, for example. Cracking iOS is more difficult, but they manage,” says Monteiro.

Even though official statistics do not yet exist, Procon is already working on actions to charge companies involved in the sector to work on more user security measures. “We have already learned about a gang of cell phone receivers whose main illegal business is not the resale of the devices, but the defrauding of bank passwords”, says the executive director of Procon, Fernando Capez, to Folha de São Paulo. According to him, the crimes are carried out through an “army of hackers”.

Most transfers carried out by criminals are made during the night, so as not to arouse the victim’s suspicion. Monteiro emphasizes that police reports be issued by victims, so that the police have more knowledge about criminals.


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