Gaming: 3 games for mobile you shouldn’t miss!


You often play video games on your mobile and you want to discover new ones, discover the 3 mobile games not to be missed!

These days you don’t have to own a console to play interesting video games. There are some exciting ones adapted to mobile. By browsing through the gaming applications of the App Store or also the Play Store you will find all kinds: adventure, sport, strategy, roulette … Thanks to new technologies, your mobile has become more and more powerful. They offer a gaming experience that appeals to die-hard gamers as well as novices.

In this new year new games have been released on mobile. Here are the 3 you shouldn’t miss. They are also all available on the different stores.


PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is a mobile adaptation of the popular PUBG game on PC. Released by Tencent Games, it is also a battle royale style fps game.

The goal is also to survive in a fierce battle royale you wage against players from all over the world. During each game, 100 players find themselves dropped on a vast map of games where they must search for weapons. You also need to find a helmet, shotgun and other important equipment.

You must succeed in putting in place the best strategy, attack or also dodge. And this in order to be the last to stay alive.

You can play it solo or in a team.


If you like auto racing games then Asphalt games for mobile are for you. The graphics and gameplay are unique. Asphalt games offer a large catalog of vehicles. From 4 × 4 to luxury cars, including racing cars and 2 wheels. Several game modes are available: career, multiplayer, challenge, etc.

The season system that you find in the main game mode allows you to get various bonuses. As you progress in the game you will also be able to access more and more vehicles. And you can customize them as you wish.


Lovers of Nintendo’s Pokémon games will be delighted with this adaptation of the augmented reality game for mobile. To play it you must have an internet connection and the GPS function activated.

By using the camera of your mobile you will be able to find and capture a Pokémon projected in reality. It really is a great and original gaming experience.

As for the playing field, for once, it is in the real world and not virtual … You will find different Pokémon depending on the places you find yourself. Have fun !


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