GameStop is reportedly removing the “Fall of Babylon” game from Its stores


Since launch, Babylon’s Fall story has been uninspired, and as the company plans to shut down its services, it seems that retailers like GameStop may not sell the game. The Fall of Babylon from Square Enix and PlatinumGames did not receive a warm reception, since at some point only one player participated in it.

Obviously, the text was on the wall, so it was no surprise when PlatinumGames and Square Enix announced that Babylon’s Fall online services would be shut down in February 2023, about a year after launch. It’s really unfortunate, but for anyone who wants to check it out, they should do it now. To buy it closer to this time, in fact, means to deprive themselves of a solid part of the game, but they may have to look for it in digital stores. It looks like GameStop doesn’t plan to sell it anymore.

According to Cheap Ass Gamer, an excellent social network account where you can follow various sales and deals with video games, Babylon’s Fall is being removed from GameStop stores. It’s unclear if this will be every GameStop or just most/select locations, but it seems to be the former. According to the account, fans may be able to get the final items on the cheap, if not for free, after buying them on GameStop.

GameStop shouldn’t be selling or giving away items it no longer sells, but it did. For example, Anthem was recently bought at GameStop for a penny by ticktocker. But this seems to be just another step towards the imminent end of Babylon’s fall.


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