GameStop client sells PS4 Console designed in honor of Donald Trump


GameStop has been in the news on many issues over the years, although this case of a buyer selling a Donald Trump-style PS4 console sheds light on some of its customers. All things considered, a GameStop employee may end up taking down a custom Donald Trump skin before reselling the console.

Over the years, the controversy surrounding GameStop has been growing, for example, the recent exposure of a previous GameStop employee claiming that they were encouraged to lie to customers for Pro membership, GameStop sells NFT based on September 11 and inflates the prices of used goods when customers receive little profit. to return, his reputation has deteriorated compared to what it was before. However, in this case, with a buyer who sold his PS4 with a Donald Trump skin covering the entire console, the disagreement is focused on a particular buyer more than on the company.

On the GameStop Reddit community page, where employees can share funny things and help each other, one user named Livrax7 shared a photo of a PS4 Pro console with a controversial skin. This skin includes a console and controller with an American flag and Donald Trump. The photo is accompanied by the caption “someone exchanged this for…”, but no words can truly convey this properly. If buyers in that particular location can’t make it to GameStop’s PS5 resupply, then maybe they can pick up that PS4 without a skin instead, unless players are interested in mixing their entertainment with politics.

A GameStop stock movie starring Seth Rogen, Sebastian Stan and Pete Davidson might want to take notes, as it could be a fun comic scene for what is certainly a weird exchange. However, a GameStop employee may want to remove the Donald Trump skin in the hope of remaining impartial, since it is unknown how the skin will affect the sale of this particular PS4.

GameStop used to be a more popular business among players as the pandemic affected personal events and sales. Comments on the Reddit post show that GameStop employees can still find humor in their workplace. One commenter quoted the statement displayed on the skin, “I’m rich,” and then went on to comment on the irony that the buyer is selling the PS4 to GameStop because he needs money, and GameStop is notorious for high prices and low cost. Skins allow players to personalize their gaming experience, but few have been as publicly politicized as this one.


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